Best Tattoos to Get to Show Off Your Canadian Pride

A tattoo is a permanent way to remember or show something on your body. Tattoos that display city or national pride are popular today and they’ll always retain their meaning. Canadian celebrities have been known to ink their Canadian pride on their body, so why shouldn’t you too?

A Maple Leaf

The maple leaf is the national symbol of Canada, so there’s no better image to get inked to display your pride. The image translated well through various styles and it’s easily recognizable by others.

The CN Tower

If you’re a local Torontonian, the CN tower is great way to show off your pride. It’s iconic and recognizable. From a simple silhouette to a detailed dotwork piece, the CN tower will definitely display your city and national pride.


Canadian Scenery

The country has so much to offer in terms of beautiful scenery: lakes, mountains, trees and more. Getting some of the scenery is a subtle and classic way to show off your Canadian pride.

Local Wildlife

Just like tattoos of Canadian scenery, getting an image of local wildlife is a cool way to show off your national pride. Canada has a variety of animals to chose from to show off your pride: beavers, moose, loons, bears and more; so finding one that fits your personality and style is easy.

Area Code

Tatting an area code from your hometown is a minimal and simple way to show off your Canadian pride. Any variation of the “the six” looks super cool in ink for Toronto natives.

A tattoo is a lasting way to show off your pride. Talk to your tattoo artist about how best to incorporate this into your next ink.


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