Tattoo Styles: Watercolor

The biggest trend in tattoo styles right now is watercolor tattoos. This style is a little over five years old and already most tattoo artists will tell you it’s a top request. Vibrant colors blend effortlessly to create a stunning image that seems to flow. As stunning as these tattoos are, there’s a huge debate in the community about them right now so be sure to read up before getting one.


The fading of watercolor tattoos is a huge debate right now. It’s such a new style that the longevity of them is unknown. The community is split on if this style lasts as long as others. It’s probably safe to say that the heavy use of colored ink means they will fade faster than regular images. However, every tattoo fades or needs retouches and protecting your ink from sunlight and water can go a long way in making it last.


Great news, watercolor tattoos don’t hurt anymore than regular ones (they still hurt though, sorry!). The amount of pain is dependent on where on your body you get the image and how large it is.


Any image looks fantastic in this style but people seem to prefer either organic image such as plants and animals, geometric shapes or completely abstract pieces. The great thing about watercolor tattoos is that almost every image looks good in this style.


This new style is hard to pull off well. It takes a skill artist so be sure to check out their portfolio. Blending the colors to create and image is hard with little to no clean lines so make sure you pick an artist that has done watercolor tattoos before.

There’s a reason this style of tattoo has become so popular so quickly. Watercolor tattoos are effortlessly beautiful. Talk to a shop today about getting a unique watercolor piece.


By: Molly J.

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