Tattoo Styles: Pointillism

Pointillism, aka Dotwork, is one of the most intricate, and currently trendy, styles of tattoo. A beautiful image is born out of thousands upon thousands of tiny dots. It’s a style that takes patients and skill to know where to place the next dot to get the correct depth and shape. If you’re considering getting a pointillism tattoo read the following to make sure it’s what you want.


Dotwork tattoos take longer than regular ones due to the high level of detail. Many pointillism artists forego the machine and use a hand poking technique, which increases the time frame. The extra time is worth it though for the final, beautiful product.


Being repeatedly poked by a needle is just as painful as it sounds meaning pointillism tattoos are slightly more painful than regular ones. The bottom line is though that every tattoo hurts. A little extra pain is worth it when the final image is as stunning and unique as dotwork tattoos are.


You should always make sure your tattoo artist specialized in the style you want- and that you like their work in general. Dotwork takes additional skill so look at their portfolio to see if they’ve done this style in the past. 


Certain images are popular in the pointillism style. Geometric shapes, mandalas and spiritual symbols are all common. Animal portraits are also super trendy at the moment in dotwork. Black and grey ink is more typical for this style but color ones can be done as well.

Look up tattoo parlors in Toronto and find one that specializes in this style if it’s to your liking.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.46.04 pm.png
Work by: Destiny R.



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