Tattoos That Show Off Your Love of Winter

We’re inclined to believe that winter is the most magical time of the year. The cold might not always be enjoyable but the beautiful snow and fun holidays that come with it sure are. If you love winter as much as we do and want to get a tattoo to display that consider these ideas.


Holiday Symbols

No matter what holiday you celebrate there are an abundance of image ideas to display your love. Santa Clause, Christmas trees, menorahs, Stars of David and candles are all ideas to consider depending on your religion.


Winter Wildlife

Wildlife associated with the cold months is a great subtle way to show off your wintery love. Reindeer, cardinals or even wolves make for great images that can be done in multiple styles.


Snowy Scenery

Some wintery scenery is also a great-understated way to show your love. Snowy mountains, icy lakes or stunning trees are just a few ideas.


Holiday Movies

Holiday movies are iconic and can be special traditions for some people. A tattoo of your favorite line or character from a holiday movie is great way to show your love of the season.



No two snowflakes are alike which makes this winter symbol a great tattoo idea. The simple image can be done in every style and made to look as unique as you are.


Winter Activities

Sometimes the best thing about winter is the activities that come with it. Skiing, ice-skating, and snowboarding are just a few of the awesome activities that winter brings with it.


If winter is a magical time for you a tattoo is a cool way of showing that off. The season can hold special memories, feelings or traditions that deserve to be shown off all year round. Talk to a tattoo artist today about capturing that holiday cheer in ink.



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