Piercings 101

While getting a piercing might not be as big of a commitment as a tattoo, it still requires consideration and care. Before you go in for your next piercing be sure to read these tips for before and after.

Before Piercing Tips:

 Assess Your Health:

Certain pre-existing medical conditions will impact how well your body heals after a piecing. Always disclose and discuss these issues with your piercer and/or doctor before you get one done. Diabetes or severe heart issues could impact how long it takes your body to heal. People with metal allergies should also be cautious and ask about the metal of the piercing. Talk to your piercer about any of these health issues and they will advise you on how best to proceed.

Tools of the Trade:

Most professional piercers will tell you a needle is better than a gun, and they would be right. Getting pierced with a needle causes less shock to your body and heals faster.

Select Location:

Where you get pierced will impact how long it takes to heal. Areas around the mouth tend to heal faster while cartilage piercings will take longer to heal than lobe ones. Ask your piercer about healing times for various locations to help you decide.

After Piercing Tips: 

Common Health Complications:

Many health problems happen because people either don’t follow or stop following the prescribed aftercare tips. Piercings take at least a full 6-8 weeks to heal. Some piercings might naturally be rejected even if you follow all the advice. Contact your piercer if you feel your piercing isn’t healing properly.


Always follow the provided aftercare advice. A new piercing might look red, feel sore, or crust over but that is all apart of the natural healing process. Only touch, rotate or disturb the piercing when it is being cleaned or it is wet. Any oozing or puss might be a sign of infection so contact a doctor or piercer right away.

General Tips:

It’s always best to be informed so do research before you decide on a piercer or piercing. Check out your piercer’s portfolio to make sure they are skilled and you like their work. And always follow the aftercare advice of the piercer; they are the professionals after all.




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