Before You Get A Tattoo Ask Your Artist These Questions

Tattoos are expensive, time intensive and not to mention, pretty damn permanent. To make sure you’re getting the best possible artist, image and work done, be sure to ask these questions before you get inked.

What are your qualifications?

Any artist that gets offended by this questions or skirts around it is not someone you should trust. Reputable tattoo artists are honest and proud to talk about their experience and skills.

Can I see your portfolio?

An artist’s work will always speak volumes so be sure to ask to see their portfolio. Make sure the work is actually theirs by reverse Google searching the images and reading online reviews and testimonials.

What styles are you specialized in and/or comfortable in?

Even the most experienced and skilled tattoo artists in the work aren’t specialized in every tattoo style- it’s just not possible. Make sure to ask them, and check their portfolio, to see what styles and techniques they’re comfortable in.

Do you and how do you sterilize your tattoo equipment?

A sterile, clean tattoo studio should be your main priority. Ask to see where and how they sterilize the equipment. Also make sure that they use proper disposal protocols and take all necessary hygienic methods such as using gloves and bags.

How long will it take?

There’s no set timeline for tattoo completion but an artist should be able to give you some idea of how long it will take after you have settled on a location, size and design. Make sure you have the patience, time and pain tolerance to commit to the general timeline you’re given-and don’t be surprised if it goes over a little.

What is your recommended aftercare protocol?

Proper aftercare is just as important as a quality artist. Aftercare keeps your body and tattoo healthy. Make sure you ask about aftercare before getting inked to make sure your tattoo will be in a location you can handle.

Never be afraid of asking too many or a stupid question. Good tattoo artists will be more than happy to take the time to reassure you. They want you to be just as confident as they are in their work. Make sure you pick a qualified artist that can bring your desired image to life.


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