10 Most Painful Areas To Avoid Getting Tattooed  

If you decide to get a tattoo just know that there is no way to escape pain. Getting any part of your body stabbed repeatedly with a needle is going to hurt. You can however determine how much pain you’ll feel based on where you get inked. To avoid extra pain avoid these ten spots.

  1. Hands: Bones, ligaments, thin skin and tons of nerves. These are all the reasons why hand tattoos are some of the most painful. Not to mention, not having full use of you hands can be extremely difficult.
  2. Feet: The tops of your feet are made up of bone and thin skin, which make for extreme pain. Always avoid the anklebone and if you’re determine to get a foot tat try going for the side of the feet where there is less bone and more muscle.
  3. Elbow: The elbow is pure skin and bone, not to mention in order to get a tattoo to look right you’ll have to hold and bend your arm in an awkward position while it gets done.
  4. Back of Knee: While there’s no bone here to cause pain the extremely thin skin that makes up this area will do it. It’s also not a commonly touched place so it’s even more sensitive.
  5. Inner Arm: Your inner arm has really sensitive nerves that will react immediately to the needle. People describe getting tattooed in this area like a scratching burn- sounds pleasant.
  6. Chest: Your chest is nearly all bone, which means you’ll feel the needle vibrating the entire time.
  7. Sternum: Just like a chest tat, a sternum tattoo is painful due to the needle hitting bone. However, sternum tattoos are even worse as they extend lower towards the stomach, which sends the vibrations lower too.
  8. Head: Your head has no muscle, sensitive skin and bleeds a lot which all makes for a painful experience. It also means that you’ll feel the needle vibrating through your skull the whole time.
  9. Ribs: The ribs are probably the most painful spot. Even tattoo veterans avoid this area. The skin there is tight and thin. There’s also no muscle to cushion the needle. Expect the need for lots of breaks if you decide to go through with a rib piece.
  10. Spine: Your spine is bone and nerves. What could possible be painful about that? To avoid the pain in this area try moving over a little on either side to hit the strong muscle that runs along side your spine instead of right on the bone.

Pain is unavoidable when it comes to tattoos but hopefully we can help you avoid a little bit of it by warning your away from these spots. If you really want a tattoo in any of these areas just be prepared for all that comes with it. Talk to your tattoo artist before hand to get their take on it and if you’re going to go for it then commit fully.


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