7 Things to Have Ready Before Booking Your Next Tattoo Appointment

Before booking an appointment for your chosen Toronto tattoo shop, make sure you have these seven items considered and ready.


If you’re doing a walk in appointment you should have a design already in mind. For larger pieces that you book in advance, you don’t need the final image ready for the consultation. You should have some ideas and inspiration for the tattoo artist, though.


The best Toronto tattoo shops will have artists booking in advance. As you book your appointment be prepared to be flexible and be available for however long the artist thinks it will take.


You have to be 18 years old to get a tattoo done so have identification ready to show. Some places will let you get it done younger with parental permission but you’ll still need proof of ID.


You get what you pay for when it comes to tattoos. Make sure you have the right amount of money ready when you go in to get inked.


When you book an appointment at your Toronto tattoo shop make sure you select the right artist for the job. Look at their portfolio and Instagram to make sure their work is good quality and fits your style.


When you go in, whether it’s for a walk-in or a consultation, make sure you bring in an image of what you want. It’s always best to print it out and make it larger than you actually want the tattoo to be so the artist can work off of it.

Size and Placement

Your artist will be able to give you advice on size and placement but you should think about these things beforehand. Some places are more painful to get tattooed while size will affect the time and money it will cost.

Contact us today if you’re ready to book an appointment with one of our talented artists in our local Toronto tattoo shop.

things to have before getting a tattoo.png





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