What was once a symbol of punk, goth, and general rebellion has now become a common trend. Nose piercings are continuing to advance and gain popularity. There are eight main nose piercings styles today.


Standard nostril piercings are the most traditional and common nose piercings people get. Situated in the crease of your nose, a nostril piercing consists of a single hole. It can be done on either side depending on your preference. Either a stud or a ring can be placed in this area.

High Nostril

As you would expect based on the name, a high nostril piercing is just above a standard nostril piercing. Some people even get both to have a layered look. This piercing isn’t as simple as a nostril piercing due to it being tricky to reach.


Septum piercings have gained popularity lately. The septum is the region of your nose separating the two nostrils. A ring is usually worn here, giving the wearer an appearance of a bull. The good news about this piercing though is that it can be flipped upwards to hide it when desired. Just a warning, the septum is made of thick cartilage so getting it pierced can be very painful.


Bridge piercings are located at the top, the bridge, of the nose. They’re technically surface piercings as no cartilage or bone is actually pierced. Because of them being surface piercings they are susceptible to migration. That is when the body pushed the piercing out as it heals away from it.

Vertical Tip

Also known as the rhino, vertical tip piercings are very unique. A piercing runs vertically from the tip of the nose to just under the nose. It’s a rare type of piercing so find a skilled piercer to make sure it’s done properly.


Septril piercings are a combination of a gauged septum and a half vertical tip. The tip is pierced and linked internally to the gauged septum. The gauging septum process can take years to achieve and is extremely delicate. It’s a time-consuming, expensive, and painful process. Make sure you get an experienced piercer to do it so it is successful.


Gauged can be placed either in the septum or in the nostrils. Like ear gauges, the process must happen slowly. Gauges will grow through a long period of time from small to large. The look is one of the most unique nose piercing. It is not a process that can be undone so be sure before going through with it.


Nasallang piercings look simple but they are anything but that. This piercing goes through both nostrils and the septum. A barbell piercing is typically worn. This process is extremely difficult and painful due to the tri-piercing it requires.

Types of Nose Piercings.png

Interested in any of these nose piercings? Contact us today to set up an appointment in our downtown Toronto tattoo shop with our amazing in-house piercer.




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