Day of Tattoo Preparations

To make sure you have the most enjoyable time possible and the best quality work, be sure to follow these preparation tips. Being prepared on the day of getting your tattoo is extremely important.

Tip 1: Eat a big meal before

This will make sure you are energized, awake, and full. You don’t want your stomach growling and distracting your tattoo artist to you?

Tip 2: Drink lots of water

Your body gets put under stress when you’re getting a tattoo. Make sure it’s at full fighting power by staying hydrated.

Tip 3: Avoid alcohol

Alcohol acts as a blood thinner. It will also impact your ability to follow directs and make good judgment. Don’t wake up with both a hangover and a tattoo you regret. Don’t drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before getting inked.

Tip 4: Don’t take any painkillers

Painkillers like aspirin are actually blood thinners. Avoid taking them at least 48 hours before. Thinner blood means more bleeding during the process.

Tip 5: Pack snacks, water, and cash

If you’re getting a large tattoo expect to be there for a while. Pack snack and water to keep you going. Also remember to bring cash to tip your tattoo artist for their time and talent.

Tip 6: Wear comfortable clothing

You might want to look cute for your post-tattoo Instagram picture, but trust us, wear comfortable clothing. You’re going to be sitting for a while so you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Tip 7: Stretch

Sitting in the same position for a long time will take its toll. Stretch before hand to get your body ready. Even the most comfortable position will start to hurt after holding it still for a long time.

Tip 8: Stay calm and relaxed

Staying calm and relaxed is extremely important. When you’re anxious, your tattoo artist is anxious. Not only will stress make your muscle tense up but you’ll begin to fidget. Bring along something to distract you from what’s going on, like a good or a game.

Tip 9: Set aside extra time

Not even the most experienced tattoo artist can tell you exactly when your tattoo will be finished. Always set aside more time than you think you’ll nee. You don’t want your tattoo to be rushed- trust us.

Tip 10: Bring along company

Most people love to bring along company for getting tattoos. Bring someone that will help distract you from the pain. Make sure they’re supportive, encouraging, and calm.

Tattoo Prep- Day Of.png

Make getting a new tattoo as simple as possible by following these day of preparation tips. Contact us today to book an appointment or talk.






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