10 Things Your Tattoo Artist Wants You To Know

Getting a tattoo is a personal decision but making life easier for your tattoo artist will only guarantee a smoother and more fun process. Here are ten things your tattoo artist wants you to know before sitting down in their chair.

  1. They’re Not Mind-Readers

While the world artists make looks magical, they aren’t magicians. They can’t create an awesome design that you’re going to love until you communicate with them what you want. You’ll discuss the final design with them but make sure you have ideas ready when you walk in. Look at Instagram or portfolios before you go in for inspiration.

  1. Be Prepared to Wait

If you’re walking into a studio for a tattoo be ready to wait. Even if an artist is available they still need time to set up and get ready. Artists need to set up and sterilize equipment and need time to create a design. If you don’t have time to wait around book an appointment ahead of time.

  1. They Don’t Enjoy Nit-Picking Clients

Tattoo artists understand that a tattoo is personal, intimate, and permanent. But making multiple tiny changes is a sure way to irritate your artist. At the end of the day, you need to have faith in them. Once you go over the design and the details that are important to you trust them to do the rest.

  1. Large Work Takes Time

TV shows and movies have created the untrue perception that any tattoo can be done in an hour. The reality is that large work, especially large tattoos will a high level of detail, will take many hours. They can even require multiple sessions. In addition to sitting under the needle for that long, it will require consultations for designing. If it requires multiple sessions expect to have to wait a few weeks in-between each session.

  1. No Kids Allowed

Look, even the most well-behaved kid has no place in a tattoo shop. There is dangerous, sharp, and hazardous material there. Kids get bored, they get hungry, and they like attention. You’re going to be immobilized, distracted and in pain. In other words, you’re going to be in no position to take care of let alone want to take care of a kid.

  1. Take Bathroom Breaks Ahead of Time

There’s nothing worse for an artist then getting into the groove and having a client ask for a bathroom break. Sometimes it’s an emergency and it can’t be avoided. But most of the time its simply because the client didn’t go before they sat down. So please, sure the bathroom before sitting down in the chair.

  1. Don’t Expect An Exact Price

Toronto tattoo shops get countless people coming in asking for an exact price while only providing a vague description of what they want. General descriptions like “a sleeve” or “a dragon” do little for us. The price will depend on the size, the level of detail, the style, and the time it takes. We can’t give you’re a price based on general knowledge.

  1. They Don’t Work Well Under Time-Constraints

The pressure of a time constraint is intense for anyone. For tattoo artists, it is the worst to be given a time limit by a client. Tattoos are works of art and while most artists work as efficiently and quickly as possible these things can’t be rushed. If you have to be somewhere at a certain time come back at another time when you’re less busy.

  1. Don’t Pretend to Be A Master of Tattoos

There’s nothing worse for an artist than having a client thing they know everything about tattooing. Unless you’re a professional tattoo artist, and honestly not even then, don’t give advice. Your artist is a professional with experience and talent. No matter how many tattoos you have or how many documentaries you’ve watched we can bet your artist knows more. And if they really don’t then why are they tattooing you?

  1. Don’t Haggle

Haggling has no place in a tattoo shop. Tattoo artists and studios have set prices that are based on the artists, the detail, the design, and the time it will take to complete. Give your artist your budget ahead of time so they can create a design within that. Leave the haggling for the flea market.

Contact us today to set up an appointment in our downtown Toronto tattoo shop.



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