Top 12 Locations People Are Tattooed

Tattoo shops have seen and tattooed it all. From the extremely visible to the incredibly personal, tattoo artists will ink anywhere; it’s part of the job. Some places are more popular than others, though. Gender plays a big role in where people get inked more than any other factor. Here are the top 12 places people get tattooed.


The neck has been gaining popularity as tattoos have become more socially acceptable. In the past, this location was avoided because it was hard to cover up, a problem for people with certain jobs. Females have especially been getting more lately but it’s still not the most popular location.

Males: 8%

Females: 4%

Upper Back/ Shoulders

The upper back and shoulders are by far one of the most popular places to get inked. The area is pretty painless (as painless as a tattoo can be), the area is large, and can be covered easily by clothing. For both men and women, it’s the second more popular location for tattoos.

Males: 34%

Females: 25%


Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, chest tattoos have become more popular among women. It’s actually become the third most popular location for them and it’s always been a popular place for men. Be warned, though, it’s a painful place to get tattooed due to the thin skin and boney areas.

Males: 17%

Females: 20%


Stomach tattoos aren’t as popular as they use to be but they’re still high on the list. The area isn’t as painful as other places and it has the added benefit of being able to be covered easily.

Males: 5%

Females: 13%


Arms are the top spot that men get tattooed. That number drops significantly for women, though. The arm is a pretty painless area and getting a sleeve ( a full arm of tattoos) has become popular thanks to celebrities like David Beckham.

Males: 75%

Females: 7%


Getting hands and fingers tattoos is rising in popularity, in fact, tiny finger tattoos are becoming a trend. In the past, this area was considered taboo, as it was hard to cover and was usually reserved for criminals and thugs. The area can be painful and tattoos here tend to fade quicker so be warned.

Males: 47%

Females: 1%

Lower Back

The lower back, home for the infamous tramp stamp. The popularity of lower back tattoos has definitely dropped in recent years. Tattoo in this area, thanks in part to the common nickname “tramp stamp” have gained the perception of being not classy.

Males: 5%

Females: 18%


Hip tattoos aren’t as popular and there’s a simple reason why- pain. Tattoo artists say the hip is one of the most painful areas to get tattooed. The area there is usually all bone, which is why it hurts so badly.

Males: 2%

Females: 9%


When we said tattoo shops get personal, this is what we meant. Butt tattoos are only one of the intimate places tattoo artists get to see. The area isn’t super popular but we still see our fair share. This area is easy to cover, isn’t seen by a lot of people, and is pretty painless due to the lack of bone and thin skin.

Males: 3%

Females: 15%


Leg tattoos are a favorite among clients and artists. The area is big enough to allow for detailed pieces. The leg isn’t too painful to get tattooed either but that all depends on what area of the leg you get inked at.

Males: 20%

Females: 14%


Ankle tattoos tend to be small and simple pieces. Be warned though that this area can be painful due to the bone here. This area is really popular, though, especially for women. It’s one of the least popular places for men, though.

Males: 2%

Females: 27%

Feet/ Toes

The feet and toes aren’t very popular for either men or women. It’s also a difficult place to judge the pain. Some people say it’s the most painful spot while other’s say it didn’t feel like anything at all. This area is full of bone, tendons and thin skin.

Males: 2%

Females: 4%

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