Everything About Tattoo Regret

It’s a shame when people regret their tattoos. Tattoos are expensive, time-consuming, and pretty permanent. Unfortunately, it happens, though. As more people are getting them more people are also getting them removed. It raises some questions, like who, why, and when are people getting their tattoos removed. Here is everything you need to know about tattoo regret so you don’t end up regretting your own ink.


People often wonder who is regretting their tattoos. Women actually make up the majority of people getting their tattoos removed. They account for closer to 72% of all tattoo removal procedures. It might also be surprising to learn that it’s not teenagers or young adults getting tattoos removed. Most people who regret their tattoos are middle aged.


A big concern for some people getting tattoos is that they’re worried they will regret it when they get older. The majority of removals happen between the ages of 35-50 so it’s a valid concern. In the past few years, people over the age of 85 gave been starting to make a dent in the removal population.


There are a number of reasons people regret their tattoos. Some of them are pretty valid too. Here are the top reasons.

It’s Related to An Ex

The biggest reason people regret a tattoo? It’s related to an ex. Whether it’s their name, one-half of a couple tattoo or just something that reminds them of the ex, any tattoos related to an ex-significant other is cause for regret. Love isn’t permanent but tattoos are, so be 100% before getting a tattoo with your S.O.

It’s Too Visible

Sometimes people regret a tattoo not because of the design but because of the location. A tattoo being too visible is a cause for regret. Society is more accepting of tattoos now but some jobs still require them to be covered, which can be difficult. People often feel that certain visible tattoos hold them back professionally.

Faded Ink

No matter how good a tattoo artist is, ink fades. The older the tattoo is the more faded it will be. Certain things can be done to slow this down but nothing can be done to stop it. Some people love their original tattoo but as it fades it starts to lose their appeal. Luckily, a faded tattoo can be restored so it doesn’t have to be removed.

Poor Quality Work

There’s nothing worse than going in for a tattoo and coming out with poor quality work. A poor job done on a tattoo is probably the top reason people regret them. Not all tattoo artists are the same so be sure to research yours before hand.

Design Mistake

Who hasn’t gotten a good laugh from seeing those tattoo mistake pictures online? Whether a word is misspelled, a translation wrong, or a font choice that makes a word look like something else design mistakes suck. They’re not only a product of a bad artist but they are a cause for regret. Sometimes they can be fixed but other times it’s a permanent reminder of not double-checking.

Feelings Towards Image Changed

Feelings and attitudes towards certain things change over time. Sometimes it’s because of age or maturity, or it could be because of a major life event. There’s no way to tell if you’ll love your tattoo in the future. If you’re worried about this write down your idea, put it away for a while, and then look at it again. If you still want it then go for it and get it done.

Drunken Mistake

There’s a reason tattoo shops don’t like to tattoo drunk people. Alcohol makes people’s blood thinner, which causes more bleeding during the process. But more than that, people tend to make bad decisions when they’re drunk. So do yourself a favor and stay away from tattoo shops when you’re intoxicated to avoid a butterfly tramp stamp in the morning.

Inappropriate Image

When you’re young an inappropriate image seems funny and daring, even rebellious. When you’re older it’s just stupid. Even the most relaxed jobs about tattoos will take issue if it depicts something offensive or inappropriate. Not to mention many parents regret certain tattoos once they have children. Kind of hard to explain that naked girl on your arm to your toddler.

Aged Badly

Certain tattoos don’t age well and it’s not always because of ink fading. Bodies change, as people get older. Muscles disappear, fat appears, and skin becomes less tight. All of this can impact the look and design of a tattoo. Certain areas will be more affected by age than others so consider this when getting inked. No wonder the older crowd is beginning to make a dent in the removal population.


It’s a good thing that tattoos are becoming more accepted and popular in this age. It’s even better that tattoo removal options are becoming more effective and cheaper too. In order to prevent regretting a tattoo though thing about it before you go through with it. Sit on a design for a while, research your artist, and make sure you’ll love it now and in the future. Contact us today to discuss getting a tattoo, covering one up, or getting a touch-up.



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