Which Piercing Locations Are The Most Painful?

It should be no surprise that just like tattoos certain piercing locations are more painful than others. A big question we get asked a lot at our downtown Toronto tattoo studio is “how much will it hurt to get pierced there”? To answer that burning question we’ve ranked the most popular piercing locations by pain level from least painful to most painful.

Least Painful

Lobe Piercings

A lobe piercing is so painless and common that it’s the only piercing that can be done under the age 16 without parental consent. Even babies get them done. People compare the pain to a slight, brief pinch. To get an idea of pain, pinch your earlobe.


Eyebrow piercings aren’t as common and they’re certainly more for the trendy crowd. However, they aren’t painful to get despite what many people think. People say it’s more of a slight pressure pain than anything.


Who didn’t get their bellybutton pierced during the early 2000’s? This piercing location’s popularity has died down some but it’s still a hit spot. The good news is that it’s pretty painless with piercers comparing the pain to a brief bee sting.


Moderately Painful


When it comes to nose piercings there are tons of options. The pain can differ depending on where on the nose you get pierced. The nostril is the least painful while the septum, which has more cartilage, is more painful. Overall, a nose piercing is moderate in terms of pain though expect your eyes to water.


There are lots of options for lip piercings too. Most lip piercings are the same amount of pain but if you get multiple the pain multiples too. These piercings aren’t too painful though but the swelling afterward can be (and it makes you look like you took a hit!).


The lobe isn’t the only popular location to piercer on the ear nowadays. Other location on the ear, basically anywhere on the ear, is popular today. These locations tend to be more painful than the lobe though. The exact pain level depends on where you get pierced but the thicker the cartilage in the area the more painful it will be.


Tongue piercings are still more taboo than other facial piercings. People expect them to hurt a lot, especially since the only experience people have to compare it to is biting one’s tongue. The truth is that the pain is fairly moderate as the pain is more localized than accidentally biting your tongue. It can swell afterward though making it difficult to eat and talk.


Most Painful


Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, nipple piercings have become incredibly popular. Toronto tattoo shops get more of this requested everyday. Be warned though- they hurt. This area is sensitive which only increases the pain. Clothing rubbing against them also makes them more uncomfortable than other piercings.


Dermal piercings are different than other piercings in that they don’t go all the way through the skin. They are either placed partially or completely under the skin. Because of this, dermal piercings are incredibly painful. They can be placed almost anywhere on the body and depend on where they’re placed the higher the pain is.


As expected, genital piercings are the most painful. Whether you’re getting male or female genitals pierced it’s going to hurt. The pain is intense but it’s over pretty quickly. It’s extremely important to follow aftercare advice for these piercings though as serious health issues could arise.



Much like tattoos, the piercing pain is all based on where it gets done. They don’t always hurt as badly as tattoos, nor are they as permanent, but a professional Toronto piercer should do them. Contact us today to set up an appointment in our downtown Toronto tattoo shop.



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