Least Painful Places To Get Tattooed


Tattoos hurt- there’s just no getting around that fact. But if you’re someone that really wants a tattoo yet has a low pain tolerance, consider these locations. According to professional tattoo artists and those who have tattoos themselves, these are the least painful places to get inked.


The thigh is cushioned by fat and muscle making it one of the least painful locations. Bonus, the area is large so you can get a big tattoo here if you want.


While not the most popular choice out there, the butt is pretty painless. The area doesn’t have a lot of nerves and it’s covered in a good layer of fat. The most painful part about a butt tattoo is probably the recovery.


The calf is a popular choice for tattoos. It’s not too painful due to the love level of nerves and there’s good muscle there to cushion it. Stay away from the back of the knee though as this is one of the most painful places.

Upper Arm & Outer Shoulder

The outer shoulder and upper arms are a very popular place to get inked. The area is large, easy to cover, and not that painful. It’s also a great place to start getting a tattoo if you want a whole sleeve.

Upper Back

The upper back has its pros and cons. It’s not that painful but you have to be careful to avoid the bones in the area, like the shoulder blades and spine. You also have to be sure you have someone help you clean and moisturize it.


The forearms are pretty visible but they aren’t that painful. The muscle in the area provides good cushioning. Be warned though that the inner arm can be significantly more painful so if you’re getting a wrap-around tattoo you’ll experience that.


Behind the ear, tattoos are hugely popular right now. It’s easy to see why- they’re small, cute, and easy to hide. Most skull and facial tattoos hurt a lot but behind the ear is pretty painless. Even if it does hurt most tattoos back there are small so it will be over quickly.


Toronto tattoo shops get a lot of inner wrist tattoo requests. The area isn’t boney so they’re pretty painless. Just make sure you can have tattoos at your job because these are pretty hard to hide.


Tattoos on the back of the neck are popular among both men and women. The area can easily be hidden by hair or clothing making it a nice option. It’s also not that painful as long as you steer clear of the spine.


As long as you avoid the hipbone, hip tattoos are one of the least painful spots. They’ve lost some of their popularity recently, thanks to being associated with the tramp stamp, but people are still getting them.

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