Best Mental Health Tattoos to Get This Mental Health Awareness Month


May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a month dedicated to shining light on mental health issues and illness. The goal of Mental Health Awareness Month is to create solidarity among people who suffer from mental illnesses and to reduce the stigma surrounding them. Multiple celebrities in recently years have opened up about their own mental health struggles, which has greatly contributed to this cause.

There’s no better way to commemorate your journey or recovery from mental health issues than through a tattoo. Here are a few ideas others have gotten to mark their mental health battles.

Semicolon: Semicolon tattoos started because of Project Semicolon, an organization that aims to create solidarity and end suicide. A semicolon is used when an author decided against ending a sentence and chose to continue it. Much like someone choosing to continue life over suicide.

Chemicals: Chemical imbalances in the brain are thought to be a big cause of mental illness. Specifically, lower levels of serotonin and dopamine are thought to cause depression. People have taken to reclaiming these chemicals by getting molecules for them tattooed on their body.

Motivational Words: Simple motivational words like “breathe”, “fearless”, or “strong” can be enough for some people. They are permanent reminds for those that need them. If a word resonates with you and helps you get through your mental illness then consider tattooing it. 

Carpe Diem: While carpe diem, Latin for “seize the day”, has become a bit of a cliché the message is still a good one. If you feel stuck by your mental illness this phrase could be what you need to nudge you to keep moving.

Anchor: With mental illness, it can feel like you are being dragged away. An anchor is a symbolic way to keep grounded. Anchors keep ships from drifting away and it can do the same for you.

Inspiration Quote: Sometimes a quote touches people deeply. It can be their motivation to keep going. Whether it’s from Harry Potter or poetry if a quote inspires you and helps you through your mental health battles it might be worth getting it tattooed.

Birds: Birds represent freedom, which is a positive message for people that have recovered from mental health problems. It symbolically shows that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Scars: Self-harming scars can be a lasting representation of a dark time. People have now taken to incorporating these scars into tattoo designs. This beautiful way of reclaiming them turns them from something dark and ugly into something beautiful and inspirational.

Other: Whatever speaks to you, whether it’s a word, a quote, or a symbolic image, it would make a beautiful tattoo. Tattoos are a great way to create permanent reminders about life and the mental health issues. Contact us to discuss getting a mental health related tattoo this Mental Health Awareness Month.