All of the Tattoos and Piercings Kylie Jenner Has

You can hardly go a week without hearing something about Kylie Jenner. She’s become a cultural icon of coolness and youth culture. From her makeup line to her endless love life, people love to talk about her. More than anything it’s her body they talk about- Plastic surgery, fashion, and body modification.

When you live a life in the public eye it’s pretty hard to keep things secret, especially permanent fixtures like tattoos and piercings. Thankfully, Kylie is pretty open. She documents her growing collection of body modifications on Instagram and Snapchat.

Here are all of the known tattoos and piercings that Kylie Jenner has.


Kylie Jenner is constantly doing new photo shoots and red carpet appearance. This can make it hard to know which of her piercings are real and which are just for those. We do know she hasn’t just limited herself to ear piercings though.

Here are all her known piercings:

  • Industrial piercings: In 2015 Kylie posted a picture on Instagram revealing a stunning industrial piercing in her right ear.
  • Daith piercing: Kylie sports a beautiful ring in her daith in her right ear.
  • Forward Helix Piercing: Also in her right ear, Kylie sports a small dainty forward Helix ring.
  • Lobe Piercings: It looks like Kylie has one lobe piercing in both ears
  • Cartilage Piercings: Kylie has multiple cartilage piercings. In her right ear she has one about mid-helix. Her left ear has at least five cartilage/helix piercings, which she debuted with piercing spelling “KYLIE”. It looks like she upped that number to 8 now.
  • Nipple Piercings: Kylie Jenner’s nipple piercings continue to make headlines. They’re constantly being coyly flashed on her social media. They look so good that they actually convinced her big sister Kendall to get her own too.


Many people don’t realize that Kylie Jenner actually has quite a few tattoos. She prefers smaller, minimalist ones so they can be easy to miss. She got her first one for her 18th birthday and hasn’t looked back.

Here’s a list of her known ink:

  1. Ankle “t”

Kylie has a small lower case “t” on her ankle. It was done as a tribute to her on-and-off again (now seemingly permanently off) boyfriend Tyga. Tyga himself rocks a large Kylie tattoo on her arm. We wonder how he’s going to cover that up now that the breakup is final.

  1. Back of Arm Heart

The first tattoo Kylie ever got was a small red outline of a heart on the back of her left arm. This tattoo was supposedly also a tribute to her Tyga, although this isn’t verified.

  1. Hip “Sanity”

Only 3 months after her first tattoo Kylie Jenner went under the needle again. Hey, they do say it’s addicting. Her second tattoo was another red piece. It featured the phonetic spelling of the word “sanity” (\′sa-nƏ-tè\) on her right hip. Due to the placement, size, and color of this ink though people often joke about it looking like a best-before date stamp on an egg.

  1. Arm “Mary Jo”

Kylie definitely seems to be fond of red tattoos. Her third tattoo was another scarlet one, this time something a little more personal. She got her grandmother’s name “Mary Jo” on her left bicep in February 2016. To add an extra level of sentiment, the tattoo was done in her late grandfather’s handwriting.

  1. Finger “M”

Yup, you guessed it, another red one! In May 2016, Kylie got a squiggly “M” tattoo done on the inside of her pinkly finger. This was done with her BFF Jordyn Woods. We’re not always a fan of couple tattoos, but getting matching ink with your best friend does sound sweet. They do say boyfriends come and go (sometimes the same one, looking at you Tyga) but friendship is forever!

  1. Hip “Before”

In July 2016 Kylie added to her “sanity” hip tattoo. She put the word “before” in the area so that the tattoo now reads “before sanity”.

  1. Leg “Butterfly”

You’d think Kylie Jenner would have learned that boyfriends aren’t forever. That didn’t stop her from getting matching butterfly tattoos with her new boyfriend Travis Scott. It’s a minimal butterfly design (this time not in red!) on her lower left leg. The tattoos seems to reference Travis Scott’s new single “Butterfly Effect” which people suspect is about Kylie.

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Helix Tattoos 101


Tiny tattoos became a hit trend in 2016. People were sporting them behind their ear and on their fingers. In 2017 the tiny tattoo has found a new home- the helix.



The helix is the outer cartilage of the ear. Because this location is narrow, smaller vertical tattoos are placed here. Helix tattoos have quickly taken the place of helix, cuff, and cartilage piercings. They’re the updated, fresher version of the behind the ear tattoos everyone was getting last year.



Designs for this area are fairly limited just by the size and shape that the ear allows for. Most people opt for small, minimal designs. Flowers are by far the most popular design style but others are opting for dot work, stars, geometrical shapes, wording or paw prints. There is also the option of extending a helix tattoo to other parts of the ear for more room.



You should always go to a skilled artist for a tattoo but especially for a small one. People often think since it’s smaller they can go cheaper but that’s a mistake. Tiny tattoos are harder than larger pieces since there is no room for error. Getting the right amount of detail in such a tight space takes practice. Make sure to look through artist’s portfolios to make sure they’ve done tiny tattoos before.



Aftercare is extremely important for helix tattoos. The ear has limited blood flow meaning healing will take longer. A helix piercing takes longer than a lobe piercing to heal so expect the same for tattooing. Make sure to follow all of the aftercare advice you’re given. If there are any additional care tips your artist will let you know.


Life Time

Here’s the thing about Helix tattoos- this trend is so new artists can tell you how long they’ll last. All tattoos fade but as the ear gets more sunlight it’s possible these will fade faster. Be warned that ink may bleed as it ages too. The tissue on the ear is thin so the ink doesn’t get held in place as well. Keep this in mind when selecting a design, as you don’t want to end up with a blob.



Cartilage piercings are some of the most painful so it should be no surprise that helix tattoos are painful too. Piercers are relatively quickly but no matter how small the tattoo is, a helix tattoo won’t be over in a minute. The end result will look cute but just be prepared for the pain.



Helix tattoos have become a trend for a reason- they’re so cool looking. Make sure you find a good artist and do research before hand. If you’re still unsure, helix piercings are always an option as an alternative. Contact us today to get a helix tattoo that you won’t be able to stop Instagraming!


7 Questions People With Tattoos Always Get Asked


  1. “Did it hurt?”


The simple answer to this question is, “duh”. All tattoos hurt, but the amount of pain depends on a lot of things. Some locations on the body hurt more. Design, size, the length of time, and personal pain tolerance are also factors.


  1. “Don’t you respect yourself?”


This question is so rude and judgmental it almost doesn’t even deserve a response. People need to let go of the outdated thinking that tattoos are related to rebellion and criminals.


  1. “Do you regret them?”


Some people do regret their tattoos, but most don’t. The longer you live with a tattoo the more meaning it takes on. It becomes less about the design, or even the original meaning, and becomes a marker for who you were during the period of time when you got it done.


  1. “How will you feel about then when you’re old?”


People’s bodies change when they age. Skin gets looser, wrinkles take over, and all of this does impact a tattoo. Maybe your tattoos will be faded and distorted by wrinkles but how great will it be to reminisce about your youth when you’re older?


  1. “What does your tattoo mean?”


Here’s the thing- sometimes tattoos don’t have meaning behind them. I know, shocking right? Sometimes they do, but not everyone is willing to share those stories. It’s ultimately up to the person who has the tattoo if they’re willing to share the story behind their tattoo (if there is one). If they don’t want to then respect that.


  1. “What do your parents and grandparents think about them?”


This question assumes that everyone’s parents and grandparents think the same. Some parents are against them, other’s annoyed, some amused, and some for them. The same with grandparents. We aren’t the first generation to get tattooed so chances are that some parents and grandparents are tattooed themselves.


  1. “Would you ever get them removed?”


Tattoo removal is expensive, painful, and not guaranteed to work. Asking someone if they’re getting a tattoo removed implies that you think they should. If someone does want to change their tattoo there are tons of options out there today from removal to cover-ups.


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Underboob Tattoos 101

Underboob tattoos have become a hit trend. It all started in 2012 when Rihanna got an underboob tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis in honor of her late grandmother. Rihanna, a celebrity icon that already oozed coolness, suddenly became even cooler. Since then this location has only become more popular as each year passed. Here’s everything you need to know about underboob tattoos.

Underboob Placement

This location is hard to define since it over creeps into chest, sternum, stomach and rib regions. There’s a defining shape to underboob tattoos though that mirror Rihanna’s iconic one. Underboobs tattoos tend to be symmetrical, sweeping into arches under the breasts.

Design and Look

Part of the reason this tattoo location has become so trendy is that a lot of them look the same. Even a one of a kind tattoo looks similar to others because they all have the same shapes. There’s a natural shape to the underboob region that requires this similar shape.

Designs tend to follow certain patterns for this region. Half mandalas, chandelier or jewelry pieces, and creatures with feathers are all popular. Octopuses are rising in popularity as well. The design has to look good with the natural curves of this area.


There’s a downside to this trendy location- they’re painful to get, like really painful. The skin in this area is more sensitive and thinner than other areas. There’s also more bone in this region, especially on the sternum and ribs. All tattoos hurt but if you have a low pain tolerance consider getting a tattoo in another location.


The thing about trendy tattoos is that you have to pick the right artist and shop to get them done at. A trendy spot or style typically hasn’t been around as long meaning not everyone has skill in it. Look at an artist’s portfolio or a tattoo shop’s Instagram to find an artist that has experience and skill in underboob tattoos.


We should let you know that there’s some controversy about underboob tattoos. You should never let anyone dictate what goes on your body but it’s still a good idea to know what people are saying about them ahead of time. Underboob tattoos are often called the “new tramp stamps”. The location is risqué and a little trashy to some people.

The only opinion that should matter when it comes to tattoos is your own. Just make sure that you’ll be happy with your tattoo, not just weeks and months afterward but years. This location is hard to do cover up tattoos and to get removed.


Underboob tattoos are a beautiful and bold trendy location for people that want to make a statement. Make sure you find the right artist, design, and tattoo shop to get yours done at. Contact us today to set up an appointment.



Top 12 Locations People Are Tattooed

Tattoo shops have seen and tattooed it all. From the extremely visible to the incredibly personal, tattoo artists will ink anywhere; it’s part of the job. Some places are more popular than others, though. Gender plays a big role in where people get inked more than any other factor. Here are the top 12 places people get tattooed.


The neck has been gaining popularity as tattoos have become more socially acceptable. In the past, this location was avoided because it was hard to cover up, a problem for people with certain jobs. Females have especially been getting more lately but it’s still not the most popular location.

Males: 8%

Females: 4%

Upper Back/ Shoulders

The upper back and shoulders are by far one of the most popular places to get inked. The area is pretty painless (as painless as a tattoo can be), the area is large, and can be covered easily by clothing. For both men and women, it’s the second more popular location for tattoos.

Males: 34%

Females: 25%


Thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, chest tattoos have become more popular among women. It’s actually become the third most popular location for them and it’s always been a popular place for men. Be warned, though, it’s a painful place to get tattooed due to the thin skin and boney areas.

Males: 17%

Females: 20%


Stomach tattoos aren’t as popular as they use to be but they’re still high on the list. The area isn’t as painful as other places and it has the added benefit of being able to be covered easily.

Males: 5%

Females: 13%


Arms are the top spot that men get tattooed. That number drops significantly for women, though. The arm is a pretty painless area and getting a sleeve ( a full arm of tattoos) has become popular thanks to celebrities like David Beckham.

Males: 75%

Females: 7%


Getting hands and fingers tattoos is rising in popularity, in fact, tiny finger tattoos are becoming a trend. In the past, this area was considered taboo, as it was hard to cover and was usually reserved for criminals and thugs. The area can be painful and tattoos here tend to fade quicker so be warned.

Males: 47%

Females: 1%

Lower Back

The lower back, home for the infamous tramp stamp. The popularity of lower back tattoos has definitely dropped in recent years. Tattoo in this area, thanks in part to the common nickname “tramp stamp” have gained the perception of being not classy.

Males: 5%

Females: 18%


Hip tattoos aren’t as popular and there’s a simple reason why- pain. Tattoo artists say the hip is one of the most painful areas to get tattooed. The area there is usually all bone, which is why it hurts so badly.

Males: 2%

Females: 9%


When we said tattoo shops get personal, this is what we meant. Butt tattoos are only one of the intimate places tattoo artists get to see. The area isn’t super popular but we still see our fair share. This area is easy to cover, isn’t seen by a lot of people, and is pretty painless due to the lack of bone and thin skin.

Males: 3%

Females: 15%


Leg tattoos are a favorite among clients and artists. The area is big enough to allow for detailed pieces. The leg isn’t too painful to get tattooed either but that all depends on what area of the leg you get inked at.

Males: 20%

Females: 14%


Ankle tattoos tend to be small and simple pieces. Be warned though that this area can be painful due to the bone here. This area is really popular, though, especially for women. It’s one of the least popular places for men, though.

Males: 2%

Females: 27%

Feet/ Toes

The feet and toes aren’t very popular for either men or women. It’s also a difficult place to judge the pain. Some people say it’s the most painful spot while other’s say it didn’t feel like anything at all. This area is full of bone, tendons and thin skin.

Males: 2%

Females: 4%

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Where are people getting tattooed


Tattoo Statistics You Might Not Know

We’ve tattooed a lot of people at our downtown tattoo studio- like, a lot. But even after all this time, we were still shocked by some of these tattoo statistics. Tattoos use to be the mark of military and criminals. Today, tattoos are for everyone and the statistics are certainly proving that.


It used to be that tattoos were something for military personnel, criminals, or rebels. Today they are becoming more common every year. About 3 out of ten Americans have at least one tattoo, which is up from a few years ago when it was one out of five. People aren’t stopping at one tattoo either. They say getting tattoos is addicting, which explains why 69% of people with tattoos have two or more.


In the past, men dominated the tattoo market. From artists to clients, men were the main ones there. That’s changing now, though. Almost an equal number of men and women are getting tattoos. In fact, 22% of women have tattoos, while 26% of men have them. This disparity is way less than it uses to be.


It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that tattoos are more popular among the younger generations. 36% of people aged 20-31 have at least one tattoo, 24% of people aged 32-42 have one, and 15% for people aged 43-53. It also shouldn’t be surprising that Millennials and Gen Xers are more likely to have multiple tattoos too.


As the number of people getting tattoos goes up it’s not surprising that the number of people getting them removed gets higher too. About one-fourth of people says they regret one of their tattoos. There are so many reasons people end up regretting their ink, from having it being related to an ex to it being done by a bad tattoo artist. Make sure you don’t end up regretting your tattoo by researching your artist and studio ahead of time. Make sure you like the design as well by going on Instagram and online portfolios for inspiration.


Some locations are more popular than others when it comes to tattoos. Factors like design, size, coverage, pain and personal preference go into selecting where people get tattooed. Shoulders are popular for both men and women, while men get their hands tattooed significantly more than women and women have a proportionally larger number of ankle tattoos.


In the past, even as tattoos became more socially acceptable, many jobs required them to stay covered. This made it difficult for some people who selected locations that weren’t easily covered. Today, most job environments don’t require tattoos to be covered as long as they aren’t obscene or offensive.


Social ridicule or job limitations are no longer reasons to not get a tattoo. More people are expressing themselves with tattoos every year. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our talented artists.